High School Road Trip

Join Campus Life SUMMER ROAD TRIP 2021 for the week of your life!  We will be heading down to California and staying at an amazing resort! The trip will include a day at Six Flags and a day trip to San Francisco! You will have the option for a trip to Alcatraz but this is extra and must be reserved and paid for with registration.

Space is limited so get your $50 non refundable deposit and completed paperwork in NOW to reserve your spot!!  

Trip Cost Includes...

· Transportation to and around California

· Lodging at the resort

· Daily activities

· Food for the week

We have many fundraising opportunities for those willing to work for it!  Contact us at 541.910.5159 to get signed up for fundraisers happening now!!


In Case Of An Emergency

If there is an emergency contact 541-910-5159.  If no one answers, leave a voice mail, and we will call you back.  
What To Bring

□ Toiletries (soap, shampoo, tooth paste, etc.)
□ Warm weather clothing for five days
□ Sweatshirt and pants or other warm clothing
□ Sandals for pool and spa
□ Beach towel (for the beach day)
□ Modest swimsuit (No bikini's - One piece or tankini's only)
□ Spending money for store to purchase snacks, apparel, etc.
□ Rain jacket (Just in case)
□ Labeled medication – all meds (prescription and over the counter) will be turned in to the trip medic.  Exceptions to this rule include inhalers, epi-pens, etc.  Please label all meds with camper name and EOYFC.

Please Do Not Bring                                                                                  

x Don’t bring fireworks, illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons.
x Please don’t bring foul language and abusive/lewd behavior.
x We ask students not to wear string bikinis or other revealing swimwear.  We are happy to provide a Campus Life t-shirt to those students that don’t have any other swimsuit options.